Welcome to Broadcreek Kennels,
where winning is a way of life!


We're proud to boast the number one Beligan Malinois breed
standings in the country! (Canine Chronicle Statistics)



Our Belgian Malinois and German Shepherd dogs have beauty, brains - and personality! We have sold many dogs to police departments where they have done extremely well. Our Belgian Malinois possess excellent temperaments. They are very versatile, and excel in show, agility, obedience, herding, police work, and make wonderful, loyal, protective family pets.


All this and good looks too! Our dogs have correct breed type with substance. That's why we consistently win under All Breed Judges & European Judges. We're proud to have bred versatile, top confirmation lines. Our dogs can do any work & be beautiful at the same time. Our lines are correct (we don't have to breed Great Danes to get the size or cross with Pit bulls).


Broadcreek Kennels currently has the number one Belgian Malinois in the Country!   
CH Broadcreek's Marcus Junis Brutus.


We have produced the top winning Malinois for 23 years. We're proud to have bred versatile, top

confirmation lines.
All of our dogs come with a written contract.

Puppy Litter 1
Belgian Malinois
Puppy Litter 2
Belgian Malinois

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