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We are proud to boast the number one Beligan Malinois breed standings in the country! (Canine Chronicle Statistics)



For 18+ years, we at Broadcreek Kennel's have had a great time loving, breeding and showing our Belgian Malinois. Our Broadcreek Malinois owners keep coming back time & time again.  Our Belgian Malinois owners are hard working and love their Malinois to no end. Showing that if you have good breeding stock you can do anything, from being a loyal family member to a great working Malinois in all fields. With good breeding and love without limits, you can do anything you want with a Broadcreek Malinois. Records show what Broadcreek Belgian Malinois have accomplished and they just keeps getting better!  

A big "Thank You" to all of our owners for continuously showing the world what a Broadcreek Belgian Malinois can do with a little work, and a lot of love.


Broadcreek Kennels, for the best in conformation, health, ability and temperament, you've come to the right place. 

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We have produced the top winning Malinois for 23 years. We're proud to have bred versatile, top

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Belgian Malinois
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Belgian Malinois

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